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Welcome to Fonster and Dorrar, We are already an establish company in Sweden selling the best Designed triple glazed windows on the market.

The aim for us is to give you the same opportunity; the Swedish people take for granted that is Quality and energy efficiency at a reasonably cost. All the windows have been designed to withstand the harsh Swedish environment, cold temperatures

Rain and very hot summers for this the windows have been designed to counter these elements.

We offer 3 different types of manufactured windows

  • Wood
  • Aluminium Glad
  • Aluminium composite

 We manufacture the best Swedish designed windows available, but take a look for you self And make your own judgement.

Fonster & Dorrar, Agatan 38, 431 37 Molndal, Sweden
004631 776 03 30 UK mobile: 07891 707 093


The term “quality” is easily overused. That is why we at Hajom Skjutdörrar have done more than simply apply it to our products. We have made quality our work philosophy, combined with our constant search for ways improve. You can experience our definition of quality in sliding doors that we installed more than four decades ago, which still work faultlessly.

Few structures in a building present such major challenges as sliding doors. Few structures must also meet such exacting requirements. Yet where others choose shortcuts, we opt for the long way round, the right way.  Our route has resulted in a supporting structure – a sliding “wall”. With exceptional insulation properties, unparalleled weatherproofness and probably the most comprehensive rot protection guarantee on the market.

Hajom Skjutdörrar sliding doors are largely manufactured by craftsmen. Where machines cannot deliver customisation, finish and quality control to the level we demand, our experienced joiners take over.  Craftsmanship also gives plenty of scope for customisation.It also gives an in-situ built character, which further helps to erase the boundary between “out and in”. Craftsman-ship gives the genuine Hajom feeling and a timeless elegance


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